Home Activities

We are now advised to stay home. As an introvert, this hasn’t been too difficult, but there are times I wanted to just be out. I do miss going to work and being active, but for the most part I have enjoyed my time home. For most people who aren’t used to being home all the time. This can be a difficult time. It may be hard for some to find things at home to do.

I just like to compile some activities that can be fun to try at home. There are plenty of things that can be done at home. I understand it can be hard being home at all times. It may get boring, but we got to try to make the best of the situation, instead of making it worse by complaining, or getting upset by the situation.

I say it is important to do a mixture of things throughout the day to keep things interesting. If you do one thing for a long period of time that may be when boredom sets in, or when you indulge in some entertainment for too long. You may feel like a slob, or unaccomplished for just doing that all day. Doing one thing can get boring, so I tend to mix up what I do in a day when I am home.

This time home can teach all of us about ourselves, how to be creative, you may even gain something from this. Maybe you’ll have time to do something you been wanting to do, or maybe you’ll realize you really didn’t want to do that thing after all. Maybe you learn something new, or find something interesting you never thought about before. There can be many adventures and discoveries, even from your home. You just got to search for it. Down below is a list of activities. I put them into four groups. Maybe these are some you tried, and maybe there are some you might like to try, or maybe not. I just wanted to show that there can be plenty of things done at home.

  • Entertainment– Watching TV shows, Reading a fictional, or entertaining book, movies, listening to music, and playing games(board,video,puzzles,word searches) are a great way to pass the time. I usually indulge in TV shows, or movies at night before bed. I try to limit my time watching, because I don’t want to spend all day watching something, so I watch at night. This gives me the opportunity to turn it off much sooner, than if I watch early in the day. The other things I try to spread throughout the day.
  • Productive Activities– This can be creating something, improving, or working on a skill, learning something new, doing a task, or working on goals of yours. I usually write, journal, meditate, practice yoga, clean or color. Drawing, cooking, cleaning, decluttering, sewing, composing, painting, playing an instrument, crotcheting, designing etc,. Whatever creative thing you can try. This is the time to try it. It can be relaxing, but also rewarding to try these things.
  • Physical Activity-It is important to get movement in your body through out the day. It can be easy to get lazy, while being home, but it is important to get some physical activity, even 15 minutes of it. There are plenty of home workouts. There are workout equipment you can use at home. I have a jump rope, and an exercise ball I like to use. You can do yoga. You can also just walk around your house. I do that to get movement. I also try running in place to get a bit of cardio going. I also do a bit of dancing. This is the time to get creative. There are plenty of exercises that can tailor to your interest if you try. It is important to remain healthy through this time. It can be easy to just slouch around, and do nothing, while at home.We must try not fall into that trap.
  • Gaining Knowledge-I guess this can go under productivity, but wanted to give it its own category. I love learning new things, and being inspired. I have really been into nutrition, and healthy eating, so I have been taking some courses in Nutrition. I also watch plenty of Ted Talks. I follow a couple of educational channels(VOX, Vice News,Last Week Tonight, Crash Course) to gain knowledge on a plethora of topics. I also follow a couple of blogs on nutrition(Pick Up Limes and MindOverMunch). I also follow plenty of inspiration vloggers on Youtube as well, to find inspiration for myself, and my work. I also like reading my mindful books to get hits of inspiration throughout the day. There is an app called curiosity, where they have articles on many different topics to get me thinking. I just bought a couple of educational books about the universe as well, since I love learning about it. Finding time throughout your day to learn, and be inspired can be rewarding and fun. Learning something new can help you as an individual grow, and become more knowledgeable. You can read books, watch videos, documentaries, take courses, learn a language, learn to cook, get educational, or inspirational apps to help gain knowledge.

Another thing I like to add, is it may be easier to overeat, and indulge when you are home at all times. Remember to be mindful of when you get up to eat something. Asking questions, Am I really hungry?, or Am I doing this, because I am bored/upset/stressed?, or is this really going to fuel my body?, or Am I hungry, or just thirsty? These questions may help reduce the amount of times one eats something.

Also going out for a walk isn’t forbidden. This is one activity you can still do, as long as you are practicing social distancing, so don’t be afraid to try this activity as well. The fresh air is needed when you are stuck home all the time, especially for those who live with lots of people, and need to get away.

As I mentioned, a mixture of these activities can help the day go by smoother, and less boring. Variety is key. I hope you all stay positive, peaceful, safe, and sane through these difficult times. We can all get through this together if we remain compassionate, and positive, and help each other out. Have a lovely day, or night everyone.

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