Finding Positivity and Acceptance in Difficult Times

I posted on Instagram about being positive. Someone mentioned how it is hard being positive at this time. This comment really made me think, and yes it is hard to be positive, but remaining positive is better than the alternative. Being in a negative state of mind does one no good. Yes, you can be frustrated, worried, angry, blame the world, and others, become full of hate, but this mindset of negativity solves nothing.

You can’t improve, or change anything with this mindset. It cultivates a world of despair and depression. At least trying to remain positive can benefit you in some way. You just have to search harder for it. With all the negatives, there are positives.

Humans love predictability, but life isn’t that way, so if things don’t go our way. It is disappointing and upsetting. Challenges is part of life. It can help us become stronger individuals. It helps us to see things differently, and it teaches us many things.

Maybe being positive is too difficult,than learning to accept is another important key to remaining calm, during this time.  If you learn to accept what is. Acceptance can help you move one, and work on improving the current situation. Like being positive, it can help you remain at peace through these difficult times.

Just remember, being in a state of negativity may seem like the way to go, but it doesn’t benefit you at all. I am saddened by the people suffering from the virus, and the inept government handling of the situation, but it is best to combat this negativity with positive change and spreading positivity.

We shall put this situation in perspective. There are many other deadly things that are happening in the world. This type of virus is novel, so it is making a lot of headlines, before this we had MERS, SARS, AIDS, Swine Flu etc,. Yes, some are unfortunately affected, but many more recover, and are not affected. Maybe this situation will help teach the governments around the world how to handle the next pandemic. At a time like this it is best to help one another, and spread positive vibes. Do your part in helping others heal, and remain at peace. Most importantly find peace within yourself.

We should not try to let this situation define us. We must try to live on, accept, and stay as positive as we can. We should try not to live in fear. We must still live our lives, but be cautious. Now that we are practicing social distancing, and advised to stay home.This can be a time to relax, learn about oneself, and work on oneself. All this slow down is also helping the Earth, and the environment heal a bit.

As an introvert, I thrive at being home, but I know it is difficult for some, especially some who have others at home, and may not be able to find peace. Maybe a nice walk alone can be helpful. There are plenty of interesting activities to do at home to by time. My next post will address this. In the meantime, please stay safe, and stay home as much as possible for your safety and others.

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