Morning “Me” Time

This is a personal post about my experience this weekend. I decided not to go online at all in the morning this weekend. I tend to scroll mindlessly a lot on the weekends, so I decided to have a mindful, and me time in the mornings.

I really enjoyed doing this practice. It gives me the head space to clear my mind, and be creative. It just allows my thoughts to run free. It is like I am in my own space. I don’t think I am mindful enough sometimes, but when I do get into a mindful mode. I wonder why I don’t do it often.

It just felt good to be away from the computer, and focus on me. I did some writing. I meditated. I worked on my online course. I did some mindful exercises, which can be fun. My mom bought me a lovely mindfulness book, and it really helps you put things into perspective, and see things differently. I mindfully listened to some music. I did some journaling, cleaning, and exercising. This me time allowed me to think more about things, but in a very mindful manner. I just allowed my thoughts to flow freely. It is a really wonderful experience to give yourself space to be you, and work on you.

I felt a sense of peace, relaxation, and positivity from giving myself the space to be me. I wasn’t bombarded by others thoughts and negativity by going online. I was just giving my mind the space it needed for clarity and creativity, which is a very beautiful thing. I like to continue this practice daily, especially on the weekends when I have more time on my hands. I hope you all have a lovely mindful morning wherever you are.

Not sure if this quote really fits with what I am talking about, but it really spoke to me.

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2 thoughts on “Morning “Me” Time

  1. I can appreciate that. A few times in my life I’ve forgotten my phone in the car or left it at home before going to the store. I must say, at first you feel like “damn I forgot my phone”. But then you realize you really don’t need it and end up having a better time sometimes.

    Also if I turn my phone off for some reason, I sometimes don’t even want to turn it back on because I’m nervous as to what might pop up. Like annoying messages from people or unwanted posts on Instagram or Facebook. The time away from social media is definitely needed sometimes.

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    1. Yes, I actually planned to go back online around noon, but didn’t go, until 2 p.m, because I was enjoying my ‘me’ time too much. We all need to put some energy into ourselves sometimes.


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