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Work on your inner being, than your outer world will come together. Finding peace within cultivates peace externally. It all starts within you. A mind resolved is key to living a fulfilling and content life. You can’t fix the outside world, but you can fix how you see it, and that is very important to remember. True happiness is within you.

2 thoughts on “Food for Thought Post

  1. I can really appreciate this post. I never thought about these two situations this way. Like you I thought of them as the same. But seeing how you showed the differences of them put it in perspective for me. However, sometimes people are better off changing instead of evolving. For example, If someone is a truly shitty person, I think wanting to change is a good thing. Like someone who is a compulsive liar or who isn’t responsible. Maybe it’s better off they change.

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    1. Yes, you are correct, but I don’t believe someone is a complete shitty person. Being a compulsive liar is just one aspect of their whole being. You can be a compulsive liar, but also do charity for kids. We all have different qualities that make us who we are. One bad quality, even if it really bad, doesn’t mean they don’t have some good qualities. We tend to see the bad trait, and just focus on that, but we as individuals are more than that. When I talking about the differences of evolving, or changing. I mean the person as a whole, not just one quality. A person can keep the good qualities, like the charity work, and work to improve on being more honest. I see it more as evolving. He can be changing a trait of himself, but as a whole, the person is evolving. Thank you for the comment. You make good points. Also, your opinion can be right, and mine too. It is all about perspective.


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