Judgment is the ability to make considered decisions, or come to sensible conclusions. These type of judgments are most likely made the minority of the time. Normally when we make judgments they are normally not well planned out, or thought out. The judgments we tend to make most of the time are thoughts about ourselves, others, and our world through our own point of view. They tend to be skeptical, critical, and negative.

Judgments about  ourselves, others, and the world can be helpful for us to understand, and evaluate the world around us. But sometimes they can be shortcuts we make that don’t always tell the truth, and they can be destructive. It can have a negative effect on how we see ourselves, others, and the world.

Judgments are created from the ego, focusing only on the perspective of the individual, trying to make the individual right, making the individual look better. This usually comes from judgments of others. When we judge ourselves, it is mostly putting ourselves down. It tends to mostly be negative.

Judgments should be constructive, based on reality. It should be helpful for us to navigate the world. But we tend to use it in more of a destructive, negative way. Part of mindfulness is non-judgment. Just seeing the world as it is without putting our thoughts into it. This is extremely difficult for us humans to do. We love to evaluate and investigate, which is a great thing. The thing we should be aware of is when it is beneficial, and when it is harmful.

Is what I am thinking really helpful, or constructive? Should I be judging this situation, or person the way I am? Do I have a right to say this when I am not prefect myself?

Through my mindfulness journey it is still difficult not to make judgments. It is hard not to create story lines for the world around us. Just seeing things for what is just is, isn’t an easy concept for us to grasp. Can I just say it is a book, without adding my own thoughts about it? Did I like it? Does it look interesting? Can I just see a person, and just say that is a person without adding my own thoughts of what they are wearing or, why they shouldn’t be wearing it?, Or hear a person’s life story without putting my thoughts into what they should have done? or, what I would have done instead? ,Or when I make a mistake, not judging myself that I am an ‘idiot,’ or, ‘stupid.’ I simply just made a mistake.

It is hard to just stop making judgments, but being aware is always important. Awareness can help us limit judgments. It can also alert us when we are doing it. I always catch myself making judgments about myself, and others. The good thing is I am aware of these judgments. I try to learn from them, and improve. I realize what I think isn’t fact, just my opinion/my perspective. To believe your thoughts are facts is delusional. It is a battle, but I continue to learn and grow. One thing is not to judge yourself for being judgmental, kind of counter intuitive. Just remember it is part of being human, but we can always learn and improve.

Remember to think, is it helpful, constructive, or beneficial to myself, or others? If it is not, try to limit that type of judgment. Like the definition in the beginning. Judgments should be well thought out, and based on reality, not thoughts created by our world of story lines. Judgments are part of human nature. We needed it to survive, during primitive times. It is all about being aware of what is the truth, and what we want to perceive through rose colored glasses. I still make judgments. You will still make judgments, but awareness and limitation can go along way.


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