We Are Our Own Individuals

I can not stress this concept enough. I mention a lot in my posts how we are all different, and our own individuals.  We have our own journey in life when we are achieving our goals, finding happiness, and fulfillment.

I do try to give you the tools, knowledge, and strategies to a healthier, mindful, and more fulfilling life. But I only provide the foundation. It is up to the individual what they want to do with that information, or if they want to try something else, or incorporate something into it.

I try not to say words like,”should,” “have to”, “need to,” “must.” I prefer using “try this,” try that.” These words aren’t as forceful, and it gives the individual the freedom to choose what they want to do. No one likes to be belittled, or told what to do. We are adults, and should have the freedom to choose the path we want. Autonomy is important to an individual.

I just like to motivate, inspire, and invoke thought in others. You may agree with what I write, but you may not sometimes, and that is okay. My path is not your path.

I don’t always agree with the motivation people I follow. Even if I don’t agree with them, I do respect their opinion, it is their path. It does still make me think, and allows me to see a different perspective on things. The thing is I still get something out of their words, even if I don’t agree. I may even put my own twist to it.

Now there are things we should, and must do. Exercise, eat nutritional foods, sleep, drink water, and find a work/life balance. These things are pertinent to your physical and mental health. Even though these are pertinent to your well-being. It is still your choice if you want to do those things.

But when it comes to practices to a more mindful, content, and fulfilling life. It is up to you which direction you will like to go. What motivates you more? What brings happiness to your life? What goals do you want to achieve? What mindfulness strategies work best for you? What coping strategies work for you? The answer is within the individual, and what direction they choose to go.

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