Focus on the Journey,Not the Destination

Whatever goal you like to achieve in life.It is a good idea to keep your thoughts away from the end goal. Try to enjoy the journey.

We don’t know the future. We put this idea in our minds that happiness, or the life we dream of will come out of it. The thing is you don’t know if anything will come out of it. Its the future, it is unpredictable.

What you do know is what is going on in the present moment. We should try to embrace the moments in the now. You are in the now. The focus should be on the journey, the steps you are taking to achieve your goal/goals.

Be proud of the steps you are taking to achieve your goal. Be proud that you are taking the steps to achieve your goals. Not many do so. If you are not able to enjoy the journey. You will most likely not be able to appreciate the destination. Happiness can not be obtained this way.

Try not to focus on how long it is taking. We all have our own timetable. Just see it as time to learn, and grow as an individual. We all like to grow, and develop as individuals. This is your time, embrace it.

Rushing through life will not bring happiness. How can one enjoy life rushing, and focusing on the destination? How can one truly live like that? Life is short, try to enjoy the ride. You will get there eventually, or you may not. Either way, you were able to enjoy the journey. It was a learning experience. You were able to do something new, and challenging. That is the wonderful thing about life.

Try to focus on the present. The present is where you live, where things happen. The future is an illusion. A life created by your thoughts can lead to negative emotions. I know, I entertain them at times. You just have to try to remind yourself that what you are doing now is what is most important.

We as human beings always want to grow, so reaching your destination isn’t always the greatest. It just means we will search for another destination. This is why happiness, or the life you dreamed of does not cultivate from your destination. Remember that happiness comes from within.

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