I always enjoy getting inspiration, if it is from others, from nature, or from my own self-reflection. I get a sense of motivation from inspiration. I think we all need inspiration in our lives. It helps us learn more about ourselves. It helps push us. It helps us think, and reflect on who we are, what we are doing, and where we are going. It also help us understand others, and the world around us.

I can always learn something new. I can also learn to see things from a different perspective. Inspiration cultivates healthy/positive habits for me. I gain healthier habits from inspirational people, experiences, and things.

It is nice having your own ideas, but your ideas normally come from somewhere, maybe from your own actions, from your experiences, or from others. Listening to others opinions on life cultivates new insight to things I didn’t think of. Most of the time it inspires my own work.

Inspiration from others, and life experiences gives me new ideas, and a fresh perspective. It can also confirm my own thoughts, and expand on them. It is just a wonderful feeling to read, listen to, or experience something inspiring, and motivational. It creates a sense of understanding and meaning. It makes you creative, and reflective.

I believe inspiration is needed in our lives. It helps us to see the light, open our minds, to see a different perspective that we may not see on our own. Inspiration is one of the great beauties of life. It benefits, and brings positive energy to our lives. There were many things I was able to do, due to inspirational writings and videos giving me that push to learn about myself and life. So whenever you can, try to find inspiration, in whatever form feels right for you. It can help promote a positive lifestyle, and help you become a better version of oneself.

I just like to acknowledge the wonderful Youtube vloggers I follow that help inspire my work, and life style habits. I always enjoy listening to their thoughts, and expanding my own ideas with it. If you like to look into more inspirational people. You may want to look into them.

Amy Landino



Pick Up Limes

Another source of inspiration is communicated with friends, family, or coworkers. Connecting with others, hearing their stories can inspire my work. Also, my own experiences can inspire me as well. Inspiration is all around us. We just got to learn to acknowledge, and incorporate it in our lives.

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