Finding Balance

With anything in life there needs to be balance. In this post, what I am referring to is the balance of production and consumption. Production is anything productive, creative, skill-based one does with their time. Consumption is anything we consume( books, informative material, entertainment).

I think both are essential in our daily lives. Too much of either can be detrimental to our well-being. I tend to feel bored, lazy, and unaccomplished if I consume too much. I also feel drained, exhausted, and burned out if I am too productive. You also don’t get to enjoy the wonders of life.

This is why having a day of production and consumption can be helpful. You need both to help you grow, learn, challenge yourself, but also remembering that life is short, and we should try to enjoy the things we love in life.

You can go and have a day of production and consumption. The one thing you should learn is to balance the two. Trying not to overindulge in one or the other. Your mind and body will appreciate the balance.

When I am home I like to mix both things. Do some productive things, like write, clean, organize, create content I like. I also throw in some consumption by watching kpop videos, informative videos, read books, or watch some hulu. It is nice to mix things around. It keeps things much more interesting, so that you don’t feel lazy, or drained. Finding the best of both worlds is key.

There is accomplishment in being productive, and there is joy in consuming. You don’t have to choose one, or the other. Doing things that helps you grow is rewarding. It is also nice to just relax the mind with enjoyable content/entertainment. It is all about finding balance.

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