Connecting With Others

We humans are social creatures. Research has shown connecting with others correlates with increased happiness, better health, and a longer life(Mental Health America). Although, being able to be alone is beneficial. It is also beneficial to connect with others. It is all about balance.

Now the connection I am talking about is face to face. Real life interactions. I think it is good for the soul, and mind to connect with someone, be that a family member, friend, coworker, or someone new.

It is really nice to talk to someone face to face. There is just something beautiful about experiencing moments with others. You learn more about them, yourself, and about life. I always learn something new, or get inspired talking to others.

I think it is important for our happiness, and peace of mind to meet up with other people, talk, and experience enjoyable moments together. I know we live in in a digital world, and that can take the place of face to face conversations, but it doesn’t have much value compared to real life conversations.  It can be quite therapeutic. I mean talking in general is therapeutic, and it can be a lovely experience.

It is nice to be around others, living in the moment, experiencing life, and talking to each other. It would be nice to keep your phones at a distance around others. You can experience the moment with others much better. Sometimes we get caught up on our phones, but your time will be much more useful spending the time chatting with others.

This was inspired by a nice day out with family. We sat at the park, talked, ate some food. I had a wonderful time just talking to them about life, myself, and their lives. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. Those moments are the ones we should cherish. Time spent with others connecting.

There is a difference between connecting with others, and spending time with others. Quality is important. The conversations, insight, understanding, and meaningful conversations gives us the connection.

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