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Hello lovely followers! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I would like to discuss health in this next post. I discussed positive habits. Now I like to discuss Healthy habits.

On my mindfulness journey. I started to pick up some healthy habits, which tends to happen when you are looking for personal growth, and better ways to live your life.

I think it is important to be healthy. I just don’t mean physically, but mentally and emotionally. This post isn’t to force anyone into doing this things. It is just to give you an idea into my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I just wanted to share some healthy tips I picked up. We all have our own journey in life. I learned you can’t change people. That has to come from them. I do think it is important to improve our health mentally, physically, and emotionally, so we are able to navigate this hectic world more efficiently.

I will list some of the healthy habits I have managed to obtain on my journey. Some, or all of these things were inspired by others I look for motivation from. Now as I mention not all of these are physical. Mental health is important as well.

  • Meditation-This is beneficial mentally. Can reduce anxiety, depression, addictions. This promotes calmness, and mental stability for myself. It also helps clear my mind.
  • Yoga-This helps increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone. Good for cardio and circulatory health. I usually do this in the morning before work. It helps wake up my body, and it also relaxes my body and mind. It helps start my day right. I feel more alert, and relaxed after doing yoga.
  • Walk/Jog/Run outside-This can help you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Taking a walk outside helps boost my mood. It gives me the workout I need. It  also brings me back to the basics, and helps me to become aware of what is important, and the beauty of our world. This helps clear my mind as well.
  • Going to the gym-Working out can make you feel happier, increases energy levels, decreases risk of chronic diseases, increases brain health and memory, increases skin health. I always feel much better after a workout at the gym.
  • Reduce Sugar intake-It can help increase energy, promotes weight loss, reduce chances of heart disease, and high blood pressure, increase oral health. I took out coffee from my diet, since I can only drink it with sugar. Reduced my juice intake. I also try to limit foods with lots of sugars. I do have more energy, and feel less tired throughout the day.
  • Eating more fruits/veggies-We all know these are good for your health. The good thing is I like many fruits and veggies. To the people who don’t care for them this can be tough. They can also be a bit expensive, but I tell myself that I can sacrifice the extra money for healthy foods. I will probably use that extra money to buy something frivolous anyway. Fruits and veggies pack you with many vitamins and nutrients one needs. Fruits also have healthy sugars that helps give the sugars one need.
  • Eating foods/snacks with nutrients-I try to buy food that is packed with nutrients one needs. They help give me the energy I need, and helps with weight loss, and just benefits my health overall.
  • Drinking more water-I swapped drinking juice throughout the day with water. It wasn’t easy, and I sometimes get juice, but I try to stick with water. It promotes weight loss. Promotes kidney health. Essential for bodily functions. It provides oxygen to the body. Oxygen is the most abundant chemical in our body, so that is important. There are also many  other wonderful benefits you can read. I will provide links to the articles I got the benefits information from below.
  • Calm the mind time-This is a time I take to myself to relax, calm, and clear my mind. I can do this in the morning, afternoon, or evening. This is just a time to self reflect, and get my thoughts out. It is good for the mind, and soul.
  • Reduce plastic-It is not only about our health. It is also about the environment. The earth is part of us. We should treat it right. I don’t use plastic bags at all(awful for the environment). I use reusable bags. They can be bought in stores. I try to use more plant based materials. They usually dissolve, and don’t hurt the environment. I try not to use straws anymore(also awful for environment). Reducing plastic can be a tough task, and I am not fully plastic free, but small steps, or little things can help.

All these things have helped promote a healthier lifestyle for myself. I enjoy doing all of these things, some are a bit tougher to do than others, but it feels great to accomplish these things, and to help me live a more fulfilling, and healthier life.


The Benefits of Yoga

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Image result for health quotes

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