Positive Habits That Improved My Life

Hello! Happy Saturday! Time for a little positivity post. These posts are always needed.

I was inspired by a couple of Youtube bloggers. They discussed positive habits/things that improved their lives. It made me think of the things that improved my life. I thought this would be a nice topic for my next blog. It is always beneficial to focus on the positive things in our lives. I also thought this would get you thinking of the positive things that improved your life.

I will discuss a couple of positive things in my life that have been beneficial for my well-being physically, emotionally, mentally, and personally. You should always try to create habits that can bring positivity, happiness, and peace to your life. It is a chaotic world out there.

So here they are:

1.Waking up early- This may not work for everyone, especially night owls. I am an early bird. Doing this helps me get more things done. I like the peacefulness of not having so many people around when I go to places. It makes me more productive, and prepares me for the day ahead. During the work week. It gives me the time to relax before I go to work, and I can get ready at a slower pace. It also makes me more alert, and ready to go when I get to work. I am barely ever tired going to work anymore.

2.Practicing mindfulness- This should have probably been first, but I somehow thought of waking up early first. I am much more content now. I have picked up many healthy habits, because of this practice. I can relax more. I don’t stress as much. I am more accepting of myself, and my life. I am more aware, and understand myself, and my emotions. Overall, it has had a positive influence in my life.

3.Stepping away from distractions- How I use to love being online, social media all the time. Those were days I am glad I put past me. I still go on, but not as frequently. I may do 30 minutes on the weekdays, and sporadically go on, during the weekends. I like to take sometime away from it doing things like, reading, learning, taking walks outside, being inspired, writing, doing puzzles, word searches, meditating, or writing in my journal. It gives me a chance to be in the moment, and focus my energy on myself. I always enjoy doing this when I wake up, and before I go to bed. It brings much peace, and calm to not be trapped by my phone, or computer.

4.Productivity time- I always like taking time out of my day to do something productive. I usually like to write it down on my Calendar, because it gives me more motivation to get it done. I always have days, and times of whatever productive thing I want to do. It is a nice feeling to complete a goal, or task you had for yourself. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. It is nice to know I am not wasting my day. No matter how little, or big the goal is. It helps me focus on my personal development, and improving myself, and my life.

5.Journaling- It is just nice to get my thoughts out. It is therapeutic. It is also a nice way to reflect back, and see my journey as I go through life. It can helps me learn more about myself. What I improved on, what I achieved, and what I can work on.

6.Walk in nature/outside- Now that it is nicer. I can do this more often. There are a myriad of trails, and parks in my area, so it is nice to enjoy the outdoors. The nice fresh air, the sound of birds, and the water. The nice scenery. It helps me live in the moment, and appreciate the beauty of this earth. It also boost my mood, and my mental health. It calms my mind. It is also good for me physically.

All these things have been wonderful habits that have changed my life for the better. Now I would like you to think of positive habits that have improved your life? What has it done for you? How has it improved your life? If there isn’t any, it is time to build some positive habits that can change your life for the better.


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