Try Not to Let Negative People Pull You Down

Hello my lovely followers! Hope you are having a lovely Saturday morning!

There are negative people out there ready to bring others down with them. We must learn not to fall into their trap. People who tend to be critical, judgmental, and hurtful towards others tend to be people who lack self-love. It is their way of projecting their hate towards themselves onto others.

It is quite sad once you really understand the reasoning. Hurtful comments, negativity, and criticism can sting. It is never fun to hear bad things about oneself. It is easy to be hurt, and feel down, because of these comments. It is also easy to lash out.

Negative comments can ruin our self-image, and bring down our mood. It can make one feel worthless. By reacting this way. We are letting them win, because they have brought us down to their level of self-hate. This is what they want.

We must learn to rise above from these comments. As I mentioned, negative people lack self-love and self-esteem. If we understand their actions. It can help us to be more compassionate towards these individuals, rather than feeling hate. Once you are able to understand their perspective. The comments don’t sting, or hurt as much. You may actually feel sorry for them.

The important key to limit the effects of negative comments is to have self-love, and acceptance within our selves. If we love, and accept ourselves. These comments won’t hurt your self-image as much, because you know the comments aren’t true. And you’ll also know that one person’s comments does not define who you are.

Our minds create our own negativity. We don’t need any more negativity from outside sources. We must try to put our focus on throwing away our own negative thoughts.

I know, it is easy getting caught up in the negativity. But your sanity, and mental health is top priority. It is best to ignore, and not engage. The best thing you can do for yourself is focus on positivity. Remember, being compassionate, self-acceptance, and focusing on yourself is a good cure for keeping other people’s negativity away from you.

Have a wonderful weekend, and put a barrier against negative people and comments, if you can. Keep positivity, and peace of mind with you.

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