Push Away Thoughts and Just Start

Is there something you like to start, but just haven’t done yet? There is something that is keeping you from starting. Now this seems pretty simple to say, and write, but actually doing it is where the difficulty is. This advice is something I heard from a video I was watching. I was deciding how I should start my online course, but something kept holding me back from starting.

I had thoughts of self-doubt, and confusion. I didn’t know how I would do it, or how to organize it, or what content I should put in it. All these thoughts held me back from starting.

Then I stumbled upon a video, and she mentioned to stop thinking, and just start. I decided I would start it up, even if I didn’t know all the answers. This was great advice, and a good decision.

I realized after starting that all my questions became clear. Everything just flowed well, and I was able to create content, and organize the course. I still have a way to go, but at least I have things done. I thought to myself, why didn’t I just start?

The thing is your thoughts have a way of holding you back. It creates self-doubt, fear, and confusion. Novelty is scary, so we shy away from it, but we can’t get anything answered by just allowing the thoughts to overwhelm us. You got to dig in, and figure things out. Once you dig in, everything becomes clear. All your doubts dissipate, and you realize what you are capable of.

It is all about starting, just start, even if you have doubts, and questions. It will all become clear once you start. If you keep thinking about it. The more it will hold you back. Screw the thoughts, and just go with the flow!

Being able to overcome your thoughts, and get things done helps build confidence and character. It also helps you learn more about yourself, and what you are capable of. Doubts, and questions get you nowhere, but starting can take you anywhere you like to go. Do it, you’ll be surprised at what you can do. This also cultivates a more positive mindset for yourself, and the world around you.

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