Finding Your Own Path

It is always good to look to others to be inspired, and motivated by. Sometimes it can help motivate oneself, but sometimes it can be discouraging. You look at their journey, and wonder why you haven’t succeeded like they did. You may also think that you may not even reach the level they have, because maybe they have something you don’t have.

I sometimes feel this way when I watch videos of people who have achieved what I would like to achieve. What I, and others forget that the process to success is a long journey, and these people may have taken awhile to get there. They may make it seem like the process is fast, but it is not.

There are many videos, books, and things online that can show you the steps to get where you want to go, but it is really about the individual. We should all find our own way to get where we want to go. These things can be inspiring, and motivating, but we should not think that these exact steps will work for us.

I heard this quote from a Youtube blogger(I tend to watch many motivation Youtube channels to get me inspired). She mentioned ‘not everyone’s end goal is the same.’ That quote stuck with me, and made me realize I can’t duplicate someone else’s success. I can be inspired, and they can help me along the way, but that is their journey, and this is mine. We should all remember this.

We can’t copy others success, just be inspired and motivated. It is their journey, not yours. Don’t feel discouraged if things aren’t working out, liked it worked out for others. You will get there your own way. This is your path.

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