Positive Exercise

Time for some positive thinking! I know, this is hard sometimes, but it is a good exercise to try to bring more positive vibes into your life. How you think affects your experiences, and your environment, so it is best to try to be a bit more positive, so you can enjoy life a bit more.

We get stuck on the negative mostly. I sometimes do this, but it would be nice to think about the positive things in our lives. Try making a list to refer to every now and then. This can help put things in perspective, and keep you motivated on focusing on the positive things in life.

Here are some positive things you can look at and list:

  • Positive things about self
  • Positive things about your life
  • Positive experiences in your life, including past
  • Positive people in your life
  • Positive objects
  • Positive changes
  • Positive improvements you made, or can make

Lets take a little bit out of our day to appreciate, and show gratitude for the positive things in our lives. We give negativity too much power and attention. Lets give positivity some love.

Image result for positivity

Image result for positivity

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