Mindfulness Cultivates Heightened Awareness

Awareness is one of my 5 points to mindfulness, and it is quite a wonderful tool one gains when practicing mindfulness. It is very beneficial to keeping one productive and mindful. Practicing mindfulness can teach you awareness of many things that you may not have been able to catch before.

  • Being aware of negative emotions
  • Being aware of negative thoughts
  • Being aware of not being present
  • Being aware of distractions
  • Being aware of criticism towards self and others
  • Being aware of judgment towards self and others

All of these get noticed when you have the ability to center yourself back to the present moment, and have self-awareness. I have brought myself back to my mindful approach many times when I found myself being distracted, negative, or not present.

Negative emotions, negative thoughts, distractions, criticism, judgment will not go away, and they will pervade you at times. It is hard to be mindful at all times, but with continuous mindfulness practice. You will be able to realize when you are not being present and mindful, and you will be able to center yourself back to where you need to be. It is quite an innate reaction now. I don’t really have to think about being aware, it just happens, and this comes with continuous practice.

Being able to center myself has kept me more compassionate, less negative, more productive, more focused, and more in the moment. It is quite fascinating the awareness one gains from having a mindful approach to life. You become aware of yourself, others, and your surroundings.

It can also help you become aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. All this awareness is important on your life journey. This can help one gain perspective, learn, improve, grow, and experience. All this can lead to a path of happiness, peace and calm. Awareness is key to our well being and mindful path.

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5 thoughts on “Mindfulness Cultivates Heightened Awareness

  1. I believe mindfulness is powerful and not easy either! We need to practice it as you mentioned and we’ll surely be on the right path to peace and happiness!
    Thank you for sharing 👍😊

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I think increased awareness of individuals make the collective awareness of humans as one nation grow as well. Psychologically this will lead to incredible things, something our minds are not able to grasp yet at this moment. Keep on spreading positivity, it absolutely serves the world around you.

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