Acceptance of the Entropy of Life

We are taught nothing should go wrong. That life is safe and comfortable. That life should be a smooth ride. But this mindset creates problems. It doesn’t align with reality.

The truth is when one avoids the reality that things won’t always go the way you want, or when one attaches to impertinent things(people, objects, money, success etc…) it creates misery, sadness, and suffering. It is hard to avoid it, because humans need to attach, and feel safe.

This may sound counter intuitive, but to find peace of mind. We must learn to accept that life is imperfect, unstable, and unpredictable. Acceptance of the entropy of life ironically leads to less suffering and pain.

We are programmed to believe life can be perfect, life has to be good to us, we are owed things in life, but that point of view creates negativity. That is just not how life works. Our human brains can’t handle complexity, which is why humans love simplicity, but the problem is reality is never smooth, and perfect.

It isn’t ideal. No one wants disorder, but it is reality, and there is no avoiding it. Avoiding is something one should not do if they want to maintain happiness, and peace of mind. Face it, and accept the unpredictability. Once you are able to do so, difficult situations in life will be much easier to handle.

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