Adding Drama or Story lines Cultivates Suffering

So what is drama and story lines exactly? These are negative thoughts that are attached to negative emotions. Rather than just feeling the emotions. We tend to attach these thoughts to the emotions, which causes misery.

It is about just feeling the emotion. I am sad, I am angry, I am anxious. Adding negative thoughts to the emotions like, ‘my world is over,’ ‘I will never be happy again,’ ‘no one likes me,’ ‘I am awful,’ ‘nothing ever goes right,’ etc… Creates more suffering. It is about processing the actual emotion, rather than focusing on the thoughts attached to it.

The ego likes to attach feelings, and emotions together. The mindful approach is to separate the two. It is about acknowledging, understanding, and  accepting the emotion. Know that it will eventually pass. Adding drama, and story lines will just enhance the emotions.

Immerse yourself in the feeling without thought. Once you are able to do that. The feelings will subside, and you can finally move on. Just be sad. Just be anxious. Just be lonely. Just be angry. Try not to add a story(negative thought) to that feeling. It can definitely help reduce your emotions, and create a calmer, and peaceful mental state of mind.

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