Rise From Becoming Defeated

“Today you may feel bone-tired, like you have been working for countless years, only to see your efforts come to nothing. You struggle with debt, poor health, family troubles, and nothing ever seems to improve. At times like this, you can best practice detachment, as you see clearly the world is full of troubles. As you release your grip on worldly bonds, you see the divine more clearly….”-David Dillard Wright, PHD

I really like this quote. It is quite inspiring. It is very hard for people to detach themselves from the world, but it is needed in times like these. Rather than continuing to wallow in your sorrow state. It is best to do something that can keep you away from the thoughts, and feelings that can pull you in to a world of negativity, sadness, or self-hatred.

Detachment is one way to rise above defeat. Now detachment isn’t about avoiding your struggles. It is about seeing your thoughts, and feelings objectively. It is about realizing that attaching happiness to life situations, people, work, achievements, objects, goals, expectations are not what brings true happiness. These things can make you happy, but it won’t complete you, or bring true happiness.

A person becomes defeated, because the individual believes things aren’t the way it should be, or used to be. Life isn’t as perfect as it should be. Life is unfair. An individual should learn to rise from these attaching thoughts, and let their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences flow through them. Try not to get stuck as it can lead to a downward spiral.

Detachment is difficult for us, as humans it is an innate feature to attach. I struggle with this as well. I am not saying you can’t connect with anything, but being able to separate yourself can lead you to a more peaceful, happier life.

Source:A Mindfulness Day

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Image result for detachment mindfulness



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