Utilize a Mindful Approach to Step Away From the Ego

The ego is the conscious, thinking mind, the sense of self within us. It is created to protect ourselves, it is fear based, it is self-centered. The importance of the self, and the need to protect ourselves can push us away from a mindfulness approach.

The ego can be a negative force.The ego only perceives the perspective of the individual as truth.  It cultivates a need to be right, to be perfect. It creates close-mindedness, selfishness, apprehension, ignorance, bigotry, hate, anger, sadness etc… The ego keeps us stuck in the past, and keeps us looking on to the future that has not happened.

This is why a mindful approach is important to pull away from the ego. When you practice mindfulness, one is able to break away from the ego, because one is able to see the full truth, and focus on the present moment. Learning to live in the moment. Learning to see the reality of oneself and life’s situation. One can step away from the ego’s control, and become more calm and peaceful mentally.

The ego is powerful, and can easily consume a person into negativity. Be mindful, and learn not to fall into the traps of the ego. It will pull you into a world of negativity.



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