Try Not to Let Others Pull You Into Negativity

If you are upset, annoyed,or stressed by someone else. Please try to take a step back and practice mindfulness. Try not to react, because most likely you will regret it. When we are upset, we react before we think. We also tend to only see ourselves as right, and the other as wrong, which can lead to arguments, anger, negativity, and eventually guilt.  

     With mindfulness, you can learn to take a step back, and sit with the feeling you have. Once you are aware of your emotions. You can than figure out the reality of situation, and find ways to resolve the situation. If you just get upset and angry, nothing will be resolved, and negativity will snowball. You may say, or do something you may regret, which then leads to more tension.

     You can try to see things from their point of view, did they intentionally try to upset you?, did you take what they said, or did the wrong way? It is all about perspective. We all think and see things differently. Communication is important. If you are upset with someone. It is best to talk to them after the emotions have settled. You should not talk to someone, while you are upset, because we don’t think as clearly, and you may say hurtful things you will regret.

     Now if this person intentionally wants to be hurtful, than you should try not to let them get to you. You allow them to win power over you if you do so. Anyone who intentionally wants to hurt someone else has some issues themselves that they can not cope with, but that is their problem, and you should learn not to let them affect your mood.

     Remember people don’t upset you. It is what you allow to upset you. The power is in your mind, and how you handle other individuals. It isn’t wrong to be upset, annoyed, or feel any negative emotions. That is normal. The problem is when you let the emotion consume you into a destructive path; that is when the problem arises.

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