Reaching Your Potential/Happiness

You will not get anywhere staying comfortable. You must get out of your comfort zone, and face your fears to reach your potential and grow. You can choose two paths. Stay comfortable, and be unfulfilled, and unhappy with your situation, or face your fears, and get the things you want out of life. We let fear suppress our growth, but that isn’t the best choice. You got to look at this from a long-term situation. Comfort may give someone relief in the short-term, but won’t make one happy in the long run. Facing your fears, and getting out of your comfort zone can lead to happiness, fulfilling your goals and potential in the long run. Yes, fears are scary, but they will eventually fade once you overcome them, but misery, unhappiness, being stuck, and not growing to your full potential will last the rest of your life. Think about that.

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Image result for getting out of comfort zone

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