Confront the Struggle

As the great Carl Rogers said in the quote below, I am a believer in confronting struggles, not avoiding. As I mentioned many times before, avoiding solves nothing, just cultivates more problems. I am not a fan of medication-as it is a form of avoiding/masking- unless the disorder is severe, and dangerous.

Anxiety and Depression control much of our lives, but we can learn to take control back by confronting the root of the problem, and figuring out what triggers the emotions, and how we can be able to manage it better in the future. Anxiety and Depression come in waves. There will be good days, and bad days. It isn’t something that will go away, but it can be managed better. It is hard to get out of the turmoil of sadness, and worry on the bad days, but acknowledging your struggle can be a start, and then you can move on to figuring out ways to help alleviate the emotions. It will still be there, but more manageable, sometimes it may get you out of that state of mind.

It is always good to ruminate over the episode once it is over, or on the good days, because that is when you are thinking more clearly. Maybe think about what triggered the episode, what the outcome was, and what could have been done differently- thoughts/perceptions/behaviors. It won’t stop another episode from happening, but it can help build coping strategies the next time you feel anxious, or depressed.

Just remember that it is okay to feel depressed and anxious. Try not to get down on yourself for something that is out of your control. It is all part of the whirlwind that is called life.

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