Put Emphasis on You

I just wanted to post about how important it is to focus on yourself. Please try to take time for yourself. If it is meditating, doing yoga, writing, drawing, going for a walk, taking a soothing bath, reading or watching inspirational books or videos, learning something new, practicing mindfulness. I don’t think we spend enough time on ourselves, reflecting on ourselves.

I think writing in a journal self-reflecting can be very therapeutic. It helps us learn more about ourselves. Learning about ourselves can help our mental and spiritual growth. It can also benefit us physically. It is important not to get caught up in society, or social media. That puts too much emphasis on others. It is okay to pay attention to others, but your attention should mainly be on yourself and your growth and development, whatever it is that can get you there, do it. This can be the gateway to inner peace, calm, and happiness.

Putting too much focus on others drives us away from ourselves, which can lead to unhappiness and misery. In this society it is quite easy to stray from ourselves, but you should try your best to center yourself back to you. It is integral for your well-being.

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