How Much Does Stress/Anxiety Affect You

Anxiety and stress are ubiquitous. There is no escaping it, but there are ways you can learn how to cope with it better. I would like to ask some questions that I found in my mindfulness handbook. It is a very useful book if you would like to practice mindfulness, and reduce anxiety/stress in your life. If you are interested in the book it is called A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook by Bob Stahl and Elisha Goldstein.

These questions pertain to stress/anxiety in your life. It is a way to reflect on how stress affects your life.

  1. How is stress or anxiety about people affecting your life?
  2. How is stress or anxiety about work affecting your life?
  3. How is stress or anxiety about the world affecting your life?
  4. How is stress or anxiety about food and eating habits affecting your life?
  5. How is stress or anxiety about sleep and sleeplessness affecting your life?
  6. How is stress or anxiety about exercising or lack of physical activity affecting your life?

Answering these questions will not fix all your struggles with stress, but being aware of how much stress and anxiety affect your life can do wonders. You would be able to see how much impact stress/anxiety have on you, and how things may need to change to reduce the stress in your life. There are many steps you can take to improve your life and reduce stress/anxiety. It doesn’t happen quickly, but mindfulness practices can help guide you into a life of peace and calm. You got to start somewhere.

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