Avoid Judging

Judging others is something we should try to avoid. Judging stems from ignorance and close-mindedness. When you judge someone it is more a reflection on you, than the other person. It really is an unattractive trait to have. What someone does with their life, if you approve or not, shouldn’t affect you. Your focus should be on yourself, not on others. You would be so much happier if you do so. Judging others just shows your insecurities and flaws. If someone feels the need to bring someone down to feel better, than the person who is judging really needs to take a look within themselves. It could be a form of projection.

Now we all make the mistake of judging from time to time. I do it sometimes, but it is all about being aware of those thoughts, taking a step back, realizing your mistake, and reflect on it. Judging others really hurts yourself, because the person on the other end has no clue what you are thinking, and they may not even care, so why should you care what they are doing. That energy can be used on something more positive. I say if this person isn’t harming anyone just let them live their life. Your approval doesn’t matter, because no one is perfect, so it is best to try to improve yourself, rather than focusing on others flaws.

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