The Moment is Now

Did you know that 46% of the time our mind wanders? That means almost half of our lives we are not living in the moment. It is very important for our happiness and well-being to learn to live in the moment. If your mind is focused on the past, or the future. One would most likely not be happy. That usually brings sadness, or stress. This is why staying in the present moment is important. Memories and experiences are all built-in the present. You can’t live in the past, or future. The present moment is the only time you can do what you want to do, experience what you want to experience, live how you want to live. Unfortunately, we struggle to live in the present moment. Our minds tend to wander somewhere else in the present time, even if we are doing something enjoyable. Although, living in the moment can be hard. Being aware that being mindful can be helpful. The mind will always wander, but having better awareness of centering yourself back to the present moment can make your life more enjoyable, and less stressful. Just remember nothing can get done in the past, or future. The present moment is the time to live.sai-baba-leader-quote-what-matters-is-to-live-in-the-present-live-now.jpg

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