Getting Through the Bad Days

There will be tough and challenging days you will face in your life. On days like these, negative feeling arise, and consume our thoughts. We tend to have ‘this is the end of the world’ mentality. We perceive the situation far worse than it is. The thing one must remember is that the bad day will pass, and that we shouldn’t be swept away by negativity. It is hard to do so when you are in that state of mind, but having a bit of awareness is helpful.

I experienced a tough day at work this week, and negative thoughts consumed me once I got home. It just got worse and worse. I decided that these negative thoughts weren’t helpful, and wanted to do something that can get me out of this frame of thought. I decided to meditate. This was a good idea, because it helped me rationalize the situation, and cleared my head of the negativity. It made me realize that there will be bad days, but there will also be good days.

Yes, this world can be cruel sometimes, but there is also beauty in it. This sadness will eventually pass, and I will be happy again. Also, as I mentioned many times, nothing can be done in a negative state of mind. Once I was able to see things clearly. I decided I can see this as an opportunity to grow, learn, and become better. I decided I will improve my inadequacies at work, and work harder, which I eventually did later in the week. And now I am in a happier place now.

The thing is we can’t allow bad days to control our state of mind. It is important to find something that can help guide you away from negativity on days like that. Now negative thoughts will arise, nothing can be done about that. We are human, but finding ways to cope with those feelings is important.

I use meditation, but we are all different. You have to find that one thing that can get your mind back to the rational, more positive side of things. That is the only way your life, and situation can improve.

Earlier in the week I didn’t think I could get things done at work, but now I proved to myself I can do it. This experience showed I can preserver. This bad experience also inspired me to be creative and write. It also gave me another topic for this blog, which  could help others in some way. It just shows that good can come from bad days.


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