Focus on What we Have, Not What we Lack

There are times when we will be dissatisfied with our life. This may allow negative thoughts and sadness to develop. The thing is we can not allow those negative thoughts to consume us.

When we are dissatisfied with life, it is usually specific things we are not happy with. Is everything in your life really bad? Think about it? I am pretty sure it is not, but we tend to only put our focus on the bad things. What you should do is try to see the good things that are going on in your life, really look? It is there, you just have to focus your energy away from the bad things, and find the good things. Once you find those things, appreciate and embrace those positive things you do have.

Now lets talk about the things that are not going right. Dwelling on the things that aren’t going right will just lead to depression and sadness. That is not the route you will like to take. The best thing you can do is be proactive, figure out ways to change the things, and situations you don’t like. Also, don’t expect quick results. It may take time to achieve what you want. The important thing is to apply yourself to make that change. Feeling sorry for yourself is easy, but life is about progress, so we must work to improve ourselves.

I truly believe we as humans will never be truly satisfied with our lives. No matter how successful or rich you are. There will always be something that is lacking in our lives. What we have may be something someone else wants, and vice versa. We are all a work in progress, so don’t feel down if everything isn’t how you expect it to be.

Everyone has their struggles. No one has the perfect life. The truth is we will always be lacking in a certain area, so it is best to focus your energy on the things you do have, and the things you can do. Also, you can always work on improving what you are lacking. Not having all the things you want, doesn’t mean your life is bad. It just means you have something to work on.



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