Empower our Strengths and Accept our Weaknesses

I am currently reading a book called Living, Learning, and Loving by Leo F. Buscaglia. I recommend you read this wonderful book, because he talks about learning to love and accept yourself. I think it is very important for one to love themselves, and not just parts of themselves, but to fully love one self. He talks about learning to celebrate your craziness, loneliness, and inadequacies. I really like that he mentioned parts of us we don’t like to embrace, and we see them as negatives, or things we hate about ourselves. But those parts are what makes us who we are as well. We must learn to accept our flaws. I don’t think one should focus too much on it though. When we focus too much on our flaws. It cultivates negative feelings towards oneself, instead try to focus on your strengths. We all have something that we like about ourselves, something we bring to the table. Put your energy into what you are good at, and be proud of the strengths you have. Don’t get too down about your weakness. All humans have weakness. No one is perfect, and honestly how boring would it be if we were all perfect. There would be no room to improve or grow, nothing to overcome. I just think we should take some time to look at the qualities of ourselves that we do like. I think this could cultivate a more positive self-image, and would give you a chance to see yourself in a more positive light, which can bring about self-love and acceptance. Accepting that you have flaws is also helpful, but the focus should be on what you think is beautiful and special about you. We all have it in us. You just have to look, so try looking into the qualities that make you awesome.


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