Meditation to Calm the Busy Mind

All of us have moments, or days where we have a lot on our mind, and we can’t stop stressing, and worrying about the problem, or situation at hand. I had this happen to me yesterday. My mind was racing with many thoughts, mostly negative, that is where the anxiety and stress stem from.

I tried to be mindful, and focus on the moment, but that wasn’t helpful unfortunately. After it was getting too much. I decided to try to meditate, since that always helps me calm down. And like always it did wonders for my state of mind. After twenty minutes of meditation I was no longer stressing about the problem I had. It really is a useful tool to use.

There is no need for drugs, or alcohol to help ease the tension, just try meditation! I think the trouble people have is staying in that meditative state for as long as twenty minutes, or whatever is needed. At first, your mind will be racing with thoughts. It doesn’t just go away that easily, but you got to push through it.

Continue breathing in and out, try to visualize yourself somewhere that is peaceful for you. I try seeing myself sitting, or walking in nature, or on a beach. Your thoughts will consume you at first, and this is why people give up, because they think it isn’t working, but it doesn’t work that quickly. Now the time may be different for some people. It may be longer for beginners.

Now I was skeptical is wasn’t going to work yesterday. I tried going through all the things I was stressing about, one by one, like I usually do, and trying to figure out a solution, but the anxiety couldn’t let me think. That is the problem with anxiety. You can not think clearly, while you are anxious. Negative thoughts consume your mind.

Thankfully after 20 minutes of breathing in and out, visualizing a peaceful place and running through all my worries, it just all stopped. My mind calmed down. It is quite an amazing experience, and I am always surprised how relaxed and at peace I am afterwards.

Now that my mind was calm I was finally able to come to conclusions to the problems I was facing. It is amazing how much clarity you get when your mind is calm and relaxed. Anxiety, depression, drugs, alcohol all cloud your mind, but using meditation can truly help clear your mind.

It guides you to see the reality of the situation without negativity, or even positive thoughts. You see things for what it is, and that helps you figure out what you can do. We usually get anxious when we don’t know what the future holds, but meditation can help clear things up for you.

Mindfulness and Positive thoughts are helpful to reduce anxiety and depression, but I don’t think it is truly helpful when you are in a state of anxiety and depression. I think meditation can be more helpful, and can give you insight to a mind filled with negativity, and irrational thoughts.



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