The Perfect Life

What is that to you? For some it could be a big house, having a family, having many friends. I was with my family this Christmas, and my cousin constantly mentioned how my sister had ‘the perfect life.’ He thought this way because she had what most people envision what the perfect life is. A big house, a family etc. The problem with having those type of thoughts is that perfection doesn’t exist, not pertaining to our lives. No human is perfect and no life will be as well. Having these thoughts would just set you up for disappointment. The perfect life is an illusion. Maybe having all those things equate to a perfect life, because this what society tells you how one should live. Once you become an adult. You are supposed to go to college, get a job, get married, have a family, get a house and then you are set, your life is fulfilled, but unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Those things look great on paper, but there are plenty of people with this life that are depressed, stressed, and unhappy. Is that really the perfect life?

The thing that is missing in this whole scenario is happiness. People are to busy aiming for perfection when happiness is what we should aim for. Now people think they go hand in hand, but that is not the case. We also think having lots of money, and being beautiful is living the perfect life, but people with lots of money and good looks are not always happy as well, and have their struggles too. Ah yes, beauty, we strive to be flawless, but flawless and perfection doesn’t exist. You will never be satisfied with how you look if you can not accept the reality of your flaws, and embrace them. Flaws can be beautiful as well. Famous people or models give us the impression that perfection exist, but one should know that there is a lot of make-up, surgery, and photo-shopping that goes into those ‘perfect’ looks. Also, they have the money to look better. Even with all the beauty, that still won’t make a person happy or fulfilled. Even the most beautiful people can look at themselves and not think they are beautiful. The reason is because there is no acceptance of oneself, and you can say this about anyone who wants perfection in their life. It is also the fact that beauty is subjective.

People just want the perfect body, skin, face, house, family, job, and the list can go on. Thinking this way would just lead to a life of unhappiness and disappointment, because perfection in these areas can never be achieved, and if you want that perfection, nothing will ever be perfect enough for you. What we should do is embrace our flaws, and do not try to be like others. Don’t try to be as beautiful as others, or try to have a family as great as their’s. Live your life, and try not to worry about others, and what they are doing. Believe me you will be much happier when you start focusing on yourself. Throw away envy and jealousy, they do you no favors. Envy and jealousy comes from sensationalizing a person’s life. There is more to the story than what you see. Perfection is overrated. I like the flaws, because that is what makes us unique. I say live your life to be happy, not perfect. Live your life for yourself. Do not live it to look good for others.


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