Bring Positive Thoughts Back to Your Life

As I spent two days in sadness. My mind was filled with negative thoughts. I couldn’t get out of this negative state of mind. This is how one feels when they are sad or depressed. It is worse when one is depressed. It is hard to break a way from those negative thoughts. I couldn’t even think of anything to write on here, even though I wanted to make a motivational post. I just couldn’t think of anything positive or motivational to write. I was stuck.

I decided to listen to music, since that always helps me. I kept listening to sad music at first, but then I decided I would try inspirational music.  I am happy I did that, because listening to inspirational music made me see the brighter side of things. It made me see there is hope, and there is positive things in the world. I was focusing too much on the dark side of depression, but there are also stories of people who have overcame depression and are stronger.

Mental illness is a struggle, but it can be overcome. We are not as weak as we think. We can be pretty damn strong. Not everyone can win the battle, but when we can, it is a beautiful feeling. You learn so much about yourself when you can. You just have to find that one thing that can break you out of that negative mindset. I think inspirational songs and stories can be helpful. Maybe try reading stories of people who overcame depression. Other things like hanging out with friends, exercising, mindfulness, talking to an empathetic person, doing activities you enjoy, going out in nature, writing,  reading, keeping busy, can all be helpful.

I would also recommend staying away from social media, or the internet. Take time to focus on yourself. There can be a lot of triggers on there. I felt so much better staying away from the social media sites I regularly visit. It just gave me a sense of peace not having those reminders. Just stay away from anything online that triggers your sadness.

I know it is hard to break away from the negativity when depression or sadness hits, but the feeling of despair is not something you want to consume and permeate your life. Push yourself to see the light. Find that something that can push you to see the light. I found music, but we are all different. Just find that one thing that can bring you hope and positive thoughts. It is there. You just have to find it. Don’t give in to a void of hopelessness, despair, and negativity.




2 thoughts on “Bring Positive Thoughts Back to Your Life

  1. I’m happy I came across your post. Lately, my depression has taken over and I keep focusing on the negative. The only thing that does bring me out of my negative mindset is writing. It’s my savior! Also, thanks for the positive advice in this post.

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment. I am glad you enjoyed my post. I am glad to help in any way. Please continue writing if that keeps you away from negative thoughts. Find whatever it takes to keep the negativity from consuming you. Positive vibes. I hope you have a great night, or day!

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