Embracing Sadness

I know I spoken about having a positive mindset, and being happy. We should definitely strive to be happy. That doesn’t mean we are not allowed to be sad. Sadness is something we can not control.  There will be times when we will get sad. We should not try to avoid, or push away our feelings of sadness. We should learn to embrace sadness. When you embrace sadness. You can learn and accept your feelings of sadness. Using defense mechanisms such as, drugs, alcohol, denial etc., does not get to the root of why you are sad, but learning to embrace your sadness will help you discover why you are upset, and that will help you come up with solutions to help you get over your sadness. It is also okay to cry, and vent to others as well. Do not keep your feelings in. It is not good for you mentally, or physically. Even if you don’t want to vent to others, or don’t have others to vent to, try to use another outlet to let your thoughts out, like a journal, or blog. Speaking to a therapist would be another option. Also, to the people who don’t have people to talk to. There are plenty of forums, or support groups to join that can be an outlet for you. You can also let your thoughts out in an artistic way-writing, composing music, poems, drawings, photography etc. Just think about how much better you feel when you are able to let your thoughts and feelings out. It is very therapeutic. If you feel the need to cry, then go ahead. Do not feel ashame to do so.

We as a society only like to embrace the bright side, the light. We want to run away from the darkness. We should realize that in the dark there are things to discover and learn that can make us stronger. Take in the light and the dark, the yin and the yang. Sadness can lead to depression, but that is only when one tries to avoid, and push away the sad emotions. Remember embrace, learn, and accept. This mindset can lead you to the happiness we all strive for, but while you wait, don’t be afraid to be sad, cry, or get upset. Do not listen to anyone who says ‘don’t be sad,’ or ‘get over it.’ You have every right to be sad. It is perfectly fine to be sad. Learn to embrace both happiness and sadness. There is always a need for balance.



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