Focus Your Mind on the Positive

Focus your mind on the positive things in your life, rather than the negative. Let the positive outweigh the negative. There will always be things that stress us out in life, but there also things that makes us happy. Try to focus on the things that makes you happy. Don’t allow that negative mindset to bring you down. At this moment I have a school loan that I can not pay off at the moment. I also do not have my own car, and have to save up for one, which is hard with the little pay I get. I am also trying to look for a better paying job, and all the Case Management jobs I would like to apply for have lots of applicants where it will be difficult to get a job. They also require me to have a reliable car, which I don’t have. Now I can focus my energy on these distressing situations, and stress myself out, and become depressed, or I can focus on all the things that make me happy-writing this blog, hanging out with friends, viewing nature, meditating, reflecting, reading books, watching videos of my favorite K-Pop groups. Now think about what makes you happy, and put your energy towards that.

We can also try to appreciate the things we do have, instead of focusing on what we don’t have. Try to write, or think about all the things you do have. The problem is we focus too much on the negative, and not enough on the positive. I am sure everyone who is reading this is struggling with something right now, but try to take the time to be mindful-live in the moment-and try to look at things with a positive mindset. Focus your energy on the things that make bring you happiness. You have the choice to see the good, or the bad. What will you choose? It is all up to you.


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