Positive Mindset

Having a positive outlook on life is a beautiful thing. It helps one cope with things in life, and allows oneself to live life to their full potential. Having negative self-talk, and being pessimistic hinders your potential.  Negative thoughts come from a place of no control. If your thoughts are towards negativity. You think the situation is out of your control. And that is furthest from the truth, because you do have control. You have the power! Whatever situation that causes distress try to look at the positive of the situation. Even in your everyday daily activities. Having a positive mindset takes work and patience, but you don’t want negative thoughts pervading your life. Negative thoughts about life, turns to negative thoughts about oneself, and leads to negativity towards others. It is a toxic mentality. The neurons in our brains will strengthen with negativity to where negativity pervades our thoughts and way of life. A pessimistic outlook can lead to depression, anxiety, and difficulty coping with life struggles. It could effect you physically as well. Now, I am not saying be happy about things in life that causes discomfort. I understand, it is unsettling. We all go through it, but it would be helpful to try to make an effort to see the positive in that situation. I think it will benefit you greatly. You can see things much more clearly when you have a positive mindset, and you can get things done much easier with a positive mindset. There was an interesting article I read in the Huffington Post The Science of Positive Thinking: How Positive Thoughts Build Your Skills, Boost Your Health, and Improve Your Work. In this article they talk about a study by Barbara Fredrikson. In the study people were put into different groups, some with positive emotions, others with neutral emotions, and other groups with negative emotions. The results showed that the group with positive emotions wrote down more responses to different situations than the neutral and negative group. The negative emotions group also had the fewest responses. This study showed that positive emotions open people up to lots of options. Negativity closes you off to any solutions, or ideas, because there is a sense of no control. With that negative mindset you will most likely not get anything done, there will be no action. And as I said before, if there is no action, nothing will be achieved in life. You can’t achieve your goals with that mindset. Instead of I can’t, say I can! Instead of it won’t happen, say it will happen! The laws of attraction, if you believe in something, it will happen. So allow those positive thoughts to lead to positive results in your life. Yeah, it is hard to believe that a positive thought can lead to results. It isn’t just the thought. That is where it starts. If you really believe in something, you will take action, and that is where the results come from. You can start with little positive thoughts each day. Start your day with a positive thought. You can say it will be a great day, or it is nice out, my breakfast is delicious, or I look great today. Just find some positive in your day. Believe me you can find it, you just have to look. We all have those days when something bad happens and we say we will have a bad day and guess what?, we have a bad day. That is because that negative mindset pervaded our thoughts and mind, and gave us the perception of a bad day, but you can switch that around to a more positive mindset. Small bits of positive thoughts can cultivate more positive neurons, so that they can one day override those negative neurons, so that positive thoughts are permeating our lives. We can rewire our brain to be more positive. A positive mindset promotes creativity. It can reduce stress and depression. It can lead to a healthier immune system. You can live longer. I believe it can help you see yourself in a more positive light as well, because a positive mindset can showcase your best qualities, and bring them to light. Aren’t these wonderful benefits? And it helps you to live healthier and become happier. I admit I struggle sometimes with the positive mindset, and we all will, but we must push ourselves to see the brighter side of things, because in the end, it only benefits us, and anything that makes our lives easier and better is worth trying. It is easy to let everything fall on us, and have the mentality that the sky is falling, but it takes strength to see things at it is, and look at the sunshine. Lets show our strength and look on the bright side.


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