Accepting Bumps in the Road:Life Struggles

Everyone would love a smooth and peaceful ride through life. Wouldn’t it be great if everything happened they way we wanted it too? We love predictability. We are just enjoying our lives, and then Bam!, An unpredictable occurrence happens that puts us into turmoil and distress. We don’t like instability.  There is a paradox there. Humans hate instability, but what we must understand, and accept is that life is unpredictable.

That is the biggest problem we face. We just can’t accept that things won’t always go our way. We have this false notion that we deserve the world, and everything should be given to us, so when that doesn’t happen, it causes distress. You ask questions why did this happen?, why me?, what did I do to deserve this? I understand these questions, but those questions won’t help you solve the issue. You know what solve’s problems? Actions.

The questions you should ask when a problem arises is what can I do about this? What steps should I take to get over this hurdle? These questions are productive. We like to feel sorry for ourselves, or internalize the situation, or problem, but that isn’t a healthy way to look at things. We have to accept that struggles in life happen, yes they suck, but it is something we have to go through, it is part of living. And you know what? Struggles build our character, they make us stronger, they teach us lessons. Instead of viewing an unfortunate situation as “the worst thing in the world.” You may try to see it as what can be learned from this, and how can it help me grow as an individual. I know this can be hard, but trying to find the positive of a situation can be very helpful mentally.

Our situations don’t make us. It is how we perceive that situation that makes us. We all have a choice. We can allow a bad experience to control us to where it consumes our lives in a negative way, or we can choose to accept the situation, learn, and grow from it. We should try to use the latter, because a positive mindset only benefits you. And that is what matters, you! Make your life better. Many people have stated that they have become a better person from life struggles. You learn how strong you really are, and how well you can handle adversity.

Life is about growth and learning. You can’t learn and grow from comfort and predictability. If we had comfort and stability in life. We would be the same person from the day we are born to the day we die, and honestly how boring is that? Life struggles are not fun. I agree it sucks, but we can’t control struggles in life, but we can control our perception of it, and that is where we have power, so better to use that power in a good way, and help build your character.

Just thought of this quote while I was writing this. You don’t become a better person from stability. You become a better person from adversity. Lets all try to rise from adversity.15010-The-Hard-Times.jpg

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