What is it, and why is it so important to practice it? Mindfulness has the capability to reduce anxiety and depression. It can enhance memory and performance. By reducing stress and depression. It can help you become healthier physically. So what is it?

Mindfulness is something we all can do. It is the ability to focus on the present moment. Depression stems from focusing on the past, while anxiety stems from focusing on the future. There is a way to not put your focus on either aspect to cause these emotions, and that is having a mindful approach.

We must learn to center ourselves to the moment we are living right now. Focus on what we are experiencing at the moment. What we see, hear, smell, taste, feel or think at the moment. What am I feeling now, am I content, happy, sad? Focusing on the present moment is how we live. This is the moment we are truly living.

Our experiences in the moment is what creates our lives. Unfortunately 47% of the time, we are not living in the moment, our minds wander. That means we are only truly living a bit more than half the time.

Another good thing about living in the moment is that it is the only time you can make a change. You have power over the present, things can get done during that time. If you don’t like your situation, or you want to do something else. The present moment is your time to do it.

You can’t change the past, you can only learn from it, and you can’t control the future, but you can do things in the present to help make your future better. Taking this approach isn’t easy, but inner peace and happiness are worth it, and you gain strength and power by being able to be mindful.

It is hard for me at times to stay focus on the present. It is natural for our minds to wander, but we have to try our best to stay focused. It only benefits us, so why not try it!?

You can start by trying to focus on the present for a minute or two, just so you can get that awareness. And then try to improve on that. It will take time, but as long as you are making the effort. It will do wanders for you.

If you are driving and there is traffic, try looking at your surroundings. I love clouds, so I tend to look at the sky. Same thing for if you are walking, look at the sky, look at the nature, or buildings, or the people, or listen to the sounds. Focus on the smells, or the sounds you hear.

There are practices like body scanning, where you focus on different parts of your body from head to toe. This can take from 3-30 minutes. However long you can do it. There is also mindful eating and drinking, where you pay attention to the sensations of eating and drinking. The smell, the taste, the texture etc. There is also meditation, which is very helpful for me. It is a way to allow your thoughts to flow through you, and be at peace with your situation. I will go into more detail of that practice in a future post. Too much to put on this post.

Each practice depends on you, whatever can help you focus on the present. I may do a post of all the mindful practices in more detail, so you can do whichever one that helps. Being in the present also help us learn more about ourselves, who we are, why are we here, what should I do? You ask all these questions in the present that can help build your character.

Mindfulness is a wonderful technique once you get the hang of it, but it takes practice and time. You will have to be motivated to do this practice, but if you do. It will change your life for the better.


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